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Orlando's  Club

Grade 1 joined Mr Orlando for an amazing triathlon. A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition, involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines.

After we warmed up with a lap of the track, we split into three teams. The triathlon was split into three tasks. “The cone task”, “The ball task”, and “The patience task”. 

Each student from each team would have to run around the placed cones to complete “The cone task”, in the hope to reach the Basketball, or the Football placed a meter after the cones. 

If the teams reached the Basketball, they would have to bounce it to Mr Orlando, or if they reached the Football they would have to dribble it to Mr Orlando. Each team would try to head for the Basketball, as they realized after sometime that it is easier to control a Basketball than a Football. 

After they completed “The ball task”, they would begin the patience task, which involved bringing the balls to Mr Orlando, smiling and waiting until Mr Orlando said continue.

The funniest part of this game was that Mr Orlando only put two balls into the game…but there were three teams. The student that was the slowest to reach the balls would have to run to Mr Orlando without a ball and count to 3 seconds after the other two teams had passed, before they could continue the race! 

Mark's  Club

Due to the Qingming festival, we only had one club meeting this week. 

A school wide reshuffle of the students saw many of our former members moved to other clubs. In the end we were left with twelve students total (g from grade six and six from younger grades), only a few of which were new to the club. We split into two (later, three) matches based on age and played in our usual spot. The cold weather is truly on its way out and the humidity led to lots of sweating, which will only get worse in the coming weeks.

David's  Club

This week the Football English Corner took place only on Wednesday to the Qing Ming  Holiday on Monday. A new group of students started their Football Club, and they were introduced to the important concept of warming up our bodies before any physical activity to avoid injuries.   

We performed a warm up consisting of jogging, warming our joints and stretching our muscles.  After that, they played "Piggie in the middle", an exercise that is basic to learn how to play football, for short passing and teamwork. They will do this exercise every day since it takes time to master and its a must for any football team.

Chris's  Club

This week, due to the holiday, we only had one English Corner. We also got some new students from a different second grade class. For the veteran students, it was their turn to show how to correctly behave, act and play on the basketball courts as the new students adjusted. 

After all the students got acquainted, we practiced some dribbling and shooting. A few of the new students made points and the veteran students continue to improve with their basketball skills. 

Laura's  Club

Today we kept practicing the dance for the show. The students have to remember their parts and be dedicated if they want the performance to look professional. 

Over the next few weeks I hope to see the students improve the first part of the dance, before we move on to the second part.